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This Rauch deal

Nationals closer Jon Rauch has been dealt to Arizona for speedy middle infielder Emiliano Bonifacio. I think this is a pretty bad deal for Washington, as Arizona gets 2.5 years of Rauch for less than $6 million.

But after digesting it for a bit, what strikes me here is that this deal seems to lend credence to the notion forwarded by some that even if Julio Borbon doesn't develop the sort of discipline and power that makes him a serious offensive player, there is a market in baseball where players like him are overvalued.

Bonifacio, 23, is hitting .302/.348/.387 in a good hitter's environment in Tuscon (AAA PCL) and is 17 for 25 stealing bases. But he's regarded as a speed threat (BA says his pure speed is in the 70-80 range), and he's got range, a solid arm and a hint of pop. He's ideally a 2B, but could play SS, which makes him, in my mind, extremely similar to what Borbon is right now. If Jose Vallejo's power doesn't continue to develop, I could see him being this type of player as well (though he's already bigger and stronger than Bonifacio).

Now we just need to keep Bowden in the league long enough to be our backup plan for Borbon.