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Wednesday a.m. things

Yeah, that sucked last night.  Luis Mendoza looked pretty good for a couple of innings, then things fell apart, apparently because of his inability to throw his breaking ball well.  Bah.

Richard Durrett says the bigger concern right now is that the bats have gone silent since the break.  Jeff Wilson suggests that getting Hank Blalock home in the second, after his leadoff triple, could have made the whole game different.

Brandon McCarthy and Gerald Laird each were apparently okay, health-wise, after their rehab outings last night in Oklahoma.  Laird is supposed to be activated on Saturday, and Eric Hurley is supposed to be activated on Sunday.  The DMN also says that the Dodgers and Mets each had a scout at the game last night.

Kevin Sherrington says the Rangers need better pitching to contend.