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Monday morning things

The Rangers once more just missed on finishing out a sweep versus Oakland. Eric Hurley had a rough start, and with his velocity down you fear that he's not healthy. Hurley says he's healthy, however.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia doesn't sound too happy about his new role, and his quotes have the tone of someone who wouldn't be surprised to be dealt and who probably wouldn't mind too much if he were. It's unfortunate that, because of poor play and injuries, Saltalamacchia was unable to take advantage of the window available during Gerald Laird's absence.

The DMN has a big feature on the poor attendence numbers in Arlington. There are several interesting comments here, including some from venerable Rangers blogger Joe Siegler.

And as the trade season comes to a head, Nelson Cruz's name has risen to the forefront. At the same time, his home run race of sorts has caught some attention. If Texas is unable to deal him in the next few days, I still see little reason to avoid giving him a look for the last two months. No, you may not learn anything definitive in that time, and, yes, his numbers do look a lot like last year's in AAA, but you at least give yourself a chance to learn something, before an offseason where you have to make a decision on him.