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Rough 9th inning for the Brewers

The bottom of the 9th from today's D-Backs/Brewers game:

Bottom 9th: Arizona

- G. Mota relieved E. Gagne
- R. Hammock singled to shortstop
- C. Burke walked, R. Hammock to second
- A. Ojeda singled to second, R. Hammock to third, C. Burke to second
- B. Shouse relieved G. Mota
- C. Tracy hit for L. Rosales
- C. Tracy doubled to deep center, R. Hammock, A. Ojeda and C. Burke scored
- S. Torres relieved B. Shouse
- J. Upton singled to right center, C. Tracy to third
- O. Hudson doubled to deep left, C. Tracy scored, J. Upton to third
- C. Jackson singled to center, O. Hudson and J. Upton scored

6 runs, 6 hits, 0 errors
Milwaukee 5, Arizona 6