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Wednesday a.m. things

Okay, if someone can tell me why Ryan Roberts came up to hit in a 1 run game against a LHP, instead of Brandon Boggs or Jarrod Saltalamacchia, I'd love to hear the reason.

Along with why Ramon Vazquez was bunting, given that a successful sacrifice would allow the M's to walk Ian Kinsler and face Michael Young, who was incredibly gutsy in playing with a broken finger yesterday, but who also looked terrible at the plate (which isn't surprising, given that he was playing with a broken finger).

Games like last night are frustrating and maddening.  I can't even really enjoy the win, because of the fact that we blew a 7 run lead and committed 5 errors.


Luis Mendoza was a mixed bag.  Bad defense behind him hurt him, as did some weak hits, but his command of his breaking ball was spotty again, which was the bigger issue. 

There's the Hank Blalock situation.  Richard Durrett says Blalock got a cortisone shot, but it is unknown whether he'll be back this year at third base, and if he isn't, it is possible he's played his last game as a Ranger.  Gil LeBreton has a column up on the Blalock situation and the problems that his latest injury creates.

I was at the game last night, and might have seen Gerald Laird's last game as a Ranger.  Jeff Wilson talks about Laird's status being up in the air, with teams interested in him but the Rangers not wanting to give him away.

Ramon Vazquez apparently said, in an interview before yesterday's game, that he doesn't like how the Rangers have handled him this year and expects to be playing for another team next year.  And at the end of his post-game interview with Jim Knox, he apparently called out the fans who booed him during his three error night.

Makes me wonder if Jon Daniels might not be more inclined to try to move him now to the Dodgers, who are looking for someone to play shortstop until Rafael Furcal can come back.