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Jeff Wilson on Gerald Laird

An interesting comment from Jeff Wilson vis-a-vis Gerald Laird, in a blog post at the S-T website talking about why the Rangers might want to try to move him now rather than hold onto him:

But consider this about Laird, who is a super guy, great teammate, great base runner and above-average catcher.

I mention this primarily because there have been comments in the past on this board (and others) from fans who suggest that Laird is a cancer, a problem, someone who (it is assumed) teammates dislike...

I've not heard those things -- I've heard the opposite, in fact -- and Wilson's description of him is probably one of many reasons why, I think, Jon Daniels isn't inclined to just give Laird (and some others) away right now...I think there is probably some concern about how just dumping someone like Laird, or Eddie Guardado or Marlon Byrd (to mention a couple of other well respected guys in the clubhouse), would be perceived within the clubhouse.