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Monday a.m. stuff

46-43, 3 games over .500, 1.5 games back of Oakland for 2nd place in the A.L. West.  Not bad for a rebuilding team.

Evan Grant looks back at a grueling 28 day stretch chock full of road games that ended with yesterday's win at Baltimore, and during which they didn't lose any ground to the Angels.  I still think that this is not a team that needs to be worried about the playoff hunt, though...even a sweep of Anaheim -- which is quite unlikely -- would leave the Rangers 3.5 games back.

Tim Cowlishaw has a Josh Hamilton column.  Gil LeBreton has the rare S-T Rangers column that doesn't seek the firing of the Ranger manager or g.m., instead talking about the Ranger all-stars.

And Anthony Andro has some lengthy quotes from Milton Bradley, who is pretty emotional about being named to the All Star team.