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Wednesday a.m. things

Much love for Matt Harrison from Richard Durrett this morning, as Harrison was terrific in his major league debut last night.

Harrison's stint in the majors is probably going to be pretty short...Jon Daniels says Michael Ballard will likely start today, and I'm guessing Harrison will get sent down to make room for Ballard.

Presumably, some combination of Millwood, Feldman, Padilla, and Mendoza will start the next four games after that, although Dustin Nippert could conceivably come back and start Saturday or Sunday.  Jeff Wilson says Feldman is set to go on Thursday, Millwood on Friday, and Mendoza on Saturday, which would allow Harrison to go on Sunday, although that presumes that Padilla isn't d.l.'d.

Gil Lebreton has praise for the way the "TBAs" have performed in spot starts this season, and says the Rangers are doing the right thing in not dealing prospects for a short-term fix.