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Friday a.m. things

Rough outing for Matt Harrison yesterday, who just couldn't throw strikes consistently, and who ended up leaving the strikes he threw in bad positions.

It happens.  That's part of breaking in young pitchers.  You just have to hope Harrison learns from it and improves.

Anthony Andro calls the Rangers' July "ragged," and that also is an apt description for last night's game.  Andro also notes that the Rangers had a team ERA of 6.63 in July, which makes the fact they had a winning record in the month rather astounding.  The Rangers are last in the A.L. in ERA, and Evan Grant notes that no team has made the playoffs -- or even finished above .500 -- since divisional play started with the worst ERA in the league.

Eric Hurley, Brandon McCarthy, and Doug Mathis are all close to returning.  Hurley may start for the Rangers on Wednesday, and McCarthy is making a rehab start tonight.

With Michael Young able to play shortstop, despite the broken finger, Evan Grant thinks Travis Metcalf may be on his way here to replace Ryan Roberts.  There's a certain amount of Metcalf enthusiasm out there, but he seems to me to be a good defensive third baseman who doesn't play any other positions, and doesn't hit well enough to be a major league regular, which limits his value.

And T.R. Sullivan has some bloggy notes up.