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Sunday morning things

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This has been a lousy few days for Rangers fans.  4 game losing streak.  David Murphy and C.J. Wilson out for significant time.  7 1/2 games back in the wild card race.

And last night, another ugly blowout loss.  Evan Grant says Eddie Guardado and Marlon Byrd, the "most vocal leaders" on the team, got together last night to try to figure out what needed to be done to get the team out of its funk.  Unless one of them can pitch 7 shutout innings or get Milton Bradley healthy, I doubt there is much either can do.

Jeff Wilson suggests that the Rangers struggles since Murphy's injury show that Murphy deserves to be voted rookie of the year.  And T.R. Sullivan laments that this injury means Evan Longoria will win the rookie of the year award by default.

Anthony Andro scolds C.J. Wilson for showing up Ron Washington earlier this week, saying Wilson broke one of the cardinal unwritten rules of baseball.

The Rangers are going to skip Tommy Hunter's slot in the rotation when it comes up this week, in an effort to keep his inning total this season to a manageable number.