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8/10/08 game day thread

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Injuries: Texas Rangers


Player Injury Type Injury Date
Michael Young sore left ring finger 8.10.2008


Player Injury Type Injury Date
Brandon Boggs sore right shoulder 8.10.2008


Player Injury Type Injury Date
Milton Bradley strained left quadriceps 8.10.2008


Player Injury Type Injury Date
Hank Blalock right shoulder inflammation 7.28.2008
Eric Hurley right biceps tendinitis 7.28.2008
Doug Mathis right shoulder inflammation 6.16.2008
Kevin Millwood strained right groin 7.24.2008
David Murphy sprained right knee 8.7.2008
C.J. Wilson bone spur in left elbow 8.6.2008

60 Day DL / Out for the season

Player Injury Type Injury Date
Kason Gabbard left elbow surgery 6.28.2008
Jason Jennings right elbow surgery 5.1.2008
Brandon McCarthy right elbow/forearm inflammation 3.21.2008
A.J. Murray strained left rotator cuff 6.4.2008
John Rheinecker left forearm/shoulder surgery 3.21.2008

Shaking up the game day thread...