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Goldstein on Blake Beavan

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From his Monday Ten Pack:

Blake Beavan, RHP, Low-A Clinton (Rangers)
On the surface, Beavan is having an outstanding full-season debut. On Friday, he struck out a career-high nine batters over six shutout innings to lower his ERA to 2.28 in 19 starts for the LumberKings, while limiting Midwest League hitters to a .230 batting average. Still, scouts are wondering what happened to last year's high school power pitcher who was consistently hitting the mid-90s with his fastball. On Friday, Beavan was at 88-92 mph, actually a step up from where's he's been in the recent past. He's now succeeding on sink, absolutely impeccable command and control, and much-improved secondary stuff, including a nice slider and changeup. Whether that makes him better or worse as a prospect is debatable, but it certainly makes him different, and we'll probably need another year before we consider adding him to the long list of players who hit their peak velocity while still in high school.

I know that some of our prospect analysts - and Beavan himself - feel like they have a handle on why the velocity has dropped and seem to be confident that it will return. I'm a little more concerned about that, but it is certainly good that the rest of his game has seemed to progress to compensate, and if the velocity does come back, that's quite a package.