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Will Carroll on CJ Wilson

Fairly optimistic take from him:

C.J. Wilson (60 DXL)

Wilson elected to have surgery to remove chips from his pitching elbow, ending his season and leaving the closer's role during the tail end of the Rangers wild-card chase to Eddie Guardado. Wilson's second-half problems can likely be blamed on the elbow and his mechanical adjustments, so there's no reason to think he can't come back and continue in whatever role is needed. He's not a typical closer, but the Rangers understand that an elite closer comes with elite pricing. They're perfectly willing to go with cheap options like Wilson or Guardado until something better comes along, such as one of their power pitchers like Tommy Hunter or Blake Beavan (assuming his fastball returns) shifting to the pen. Even then, Wilson will be one of the better lefty relievers around, just as he was in 2007.

It's good to hear that he agrees that the injury can reasonably be blamed for Wilson's performance this season.