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Thursday a.m. things

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Another lousy game.  Luis Mendoza struggled again.  The offense was non-existent until the game was out of reach.  Bah.

Evan Grant says the idea of making the playoffs is out the window, and the reason is the disaster which has been the starting rotation.  I agree on both counts.

Marlon Byrd seems to be taking a shot at the front office for the Rangers' dropping out of the wild card race:

The situation has frustrated outfielder Marlon Byrd to the point where he doesn’t believe the Rangers have been given a fair chance to make the playoffs with a rotation full of inexperienced pitchers who, in a perfect world, would be learning their craft in the minor leagues.

"It’s just absurd," he said. "What can you do? We don’t have to point fingers. You watch the game, you see the reason why we’re losing.

"Anybody can get [ticked] off at what I’m saying. We’re facing Jon Lester. We need a guy who can get on the mound and shut them down. I don’t know what else to do. We can’t score 10 runs a game."

Tommy Hunter, who was going to be skipped, will start today in place of Vicente Padilla.  Kevin Millwood will pitch Friday, Matt Harrison on Saturday, and the hope is Padilla will go on Sunday.  If Padilla can't go, Scott Feldman will be bumped up a day.

T.R. Sullivan suggests that signing Justin Smoak isn't a given, although if the Rangers don't get a deal done with Smoak, I'll be very surprised.  It sounds like a deal with Robbie Ross is imminent.