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Saturday morning stuff

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So much for the idea that coming home would help the Rangers break out of this funk.

Kevin Millwood looked good for three innings, and then started throwing BP.  Richard Durrett says Millwood got booed and lamented that he didn't help the team get out of its slump yesterday, although a shutout from Millwood would have just sent the game to extra innings anyway.

Nolan Ryan says the Rangers have done everything they could to improve the pitching, but nothing has worked.  He also acknowledged that they have rushed guys who should probably still be in the minors. 

Randy Galloway talks about what Ryan is facing as team president, and asks a rather pertinent question:

I will repeat, and this also involves the status of Washington, since it’s Nolan Ryan’s butt and reputation on the line, how could he not be bringing in his own baseball people, top to bottom?

I wonder that same thing, which is why I'm not as confident as a lot of people that Jon Daniels will be back next year. 

Jim Reeves says that adding Justin Smoak gives Daniels more flexibility to make a move to bring pitching to Texas.

On the injury front, Marlon Byrd is day to day with a hyperextended elbow, Vicente Padilla had a bullpen session and is supposed to start on Sunday, and Hank Blalock threw yesterday.