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Sunday a.m. stuff

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The Rangers needed that start from Matt Harrison yesterday.  Hell, I think we, as fans, needed it.

17 straight outs to end his outing, no walks, and only three hits in eight innings (two of them in the first inning).  Evan Grant says the key was throwing strikes and not walking anyone, along with some mechanical adjustments Harrison got to work on in an extra bullpen session.

If Vicente Padilla can't throw a bullpen today, he won't be able to start on Tuesday, and apparently will likely head to the d.l.  Daniels also says Brandon McCarthy could be a "consideration" soon, and Evan Grant says "consideration" is Rangers code for something being up.

The Justin Smoak contract holdup was apparently over Smoak's insistence on a major league deal.  Smoak will be a Lumberking this coming week.

Tom Hicks says Nolan Ryan is going to oversee an overhaul in the organization's approach to pitching.  Something is wrong with the way the organization is dealing with pitching, but I'm not sure Ryan is the most qualified person to overhaul things.  But I'm going to withhold judgment until more details are available.