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Monday a.m. things

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Back to a game below .500.  Dustin Nippert looked terrific for a couple of innings, then got pounded.  There was excitement at the end, although Brandon Boggs got screwed on a called strike that should have been a ball (and which would have brought Josh Hamilton up as the winning run, rather than the tying run, had Boggs walked).

Maybe the best news from yesterday was that Brandon McCarthy had his second straight stellar outing for Oklahoma, going 7 innings, allowing 3 hits, walking 1 and striking out 7.  Jeff Wilson points out that McCarthy's two strong outings have been against the two weak sisters of the PCL, and they may want to wait until they face the stronger hitting Iowa Cubs and see how McCarthy does against them in his next start before calling him up. 

Richard Durrett says McCarthy could start on Saturday.  Durrett also notes that Ian Kinsler has a groin injury, and will be evaluated today, although groin problems are one of those things that, it seems, rarely last just a day or two.  And with German Duran hurt, the most obvious choice to replace Kinsler isn't available.

Hank Blalock will be playing first base when he returns, with Chris Davis moving to third base, and while Jon Daniels says Davis playing well at third base would give the team more options for next season, I'd be surprised if Davis is viewed as a legitimate long-term option at the position.