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Tuesday morning things

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Dark day today.  The Rangers waste a nice performance from Scott Feldman, and even worse, Ian Kinsler appears to be done for the year.

That really sucks.

Kinsler is supposed to see a specialist today, and in the meantime, it sounds like Travis Metcalf will be the regular third baseman until Hank Blalock returns, while Joaquin Arias and Ramon Vazquez platoon at second base.  Yippee.

Brandon Boggs left yesterday's game with a sore shoulder.  In the same article, Chris Davis says he thinks he's better equipped to play third base now than last year, because he is 25 pounds lighter and is no longer dealing with the broken bone in his foot that reduced his mobility last year.

Tim Cowlishaw says that the pitching is a disaster, and he figured the Rangers would trade Ian Kinsler this offseason to get pitching, but the injury should prevent that from happening.