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Wednesday a.m. stuff

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You know, I think I'm about ready for the season to end.  Everybody's hurt, the bullpen is gassed, the rotation is a mess, the team is losing games...I'm ready to be done with 2008 and move on to 2009, I think.

Last night encapsulizes what is so frustrating about Vicente Padilla.  He looked great for 5 innings, then just imploded.  He's maddening.

Mike Heika's story today is about how the Rangers blew it for letting the "unstoppable" Armando Galarraga go. 

Ian Kinsler's groin/sports hernia is doing better, and he's going to be re-evaluated in two weeks and see if he can come back without having to have season-ending surgery.

Milton Bradley says he'd like to come back to Texas next season, and Jon Daniels says the Rangers are interested in bringing him back.  A one or two year deal at $10-12 million per year, with a team option, would be the ideal scenario, I think.