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Friday a.m. stuff

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Mike Heika has a story on Brandon McCarthy trying to get his groove back, and how Nolan Ryan is trying to get him back to using his legs, rather than being a (in McCarthy's words) "tall and fall" pitcher.  McCarthy also didn't mince words, as far as how he viewed his contributions this season:

"I know at the beginning of the year they counted on me, and up to this point it's been a massive fail," he said.

I know the LSB GDTers would have preferred "epic fail" to "massive fail," but still...

Jeff Wilson says that some Rangers -- including Marlon Byrd -- think this is a playoff caliber team, but that it has been de-railed by a couple of bad streaks.

Wilson also has a piece up on the Rangers rookies trying to play hard and strong the rest of the way.

C.J. Wilson says he wants to be the Ranger closer in 2009.  Other than Frankie Francisco, there aren't a lot of other viable in-house options for the job, so he may very well be the closer again next year.