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Sigh.  Matt Harrison is frustrating.  And he's going to have to start missing more bats if he is going to stick.

Richard Durrett's game story is about Hank Blalock returning to the lineup at first base.  Anthony Andro's game story focuses on Matt Harrison's struggles after his terrific outing last time.  Neither story addresses the curious decision by Ron Washington to pull Milton Bradley for pinch runner Jason Ellison with the Rangers down 4 in the 8th, a decision which resulted in Frank Catalanotto, rather than Bradley, hitting as the tying run in the 9th.

Brandon McCarthy pitches tonight, and he says in the S-T his session with Nolan Ryan was a huge boost for him.  I've been a McCarthy supporter for some time, and am hopeful about tonight, but given how often he's disappointed me the past two years, I'm keeping my expectations for tonight low.

Taylor Teagarden has more reports from Beijing at the DMN blog.

On the injury front, David Murphy hopes to be back on September 1, and Ian Kinsler on September 5.