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Tuesday a.m. stuff

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Wins are good.  It is enough to make me overlook the fact that Joaquin Arias was hitting leadoff last night, while Chris Davis hit 9th.

Nelson Cruz announced his presence with authority last night, with Evan Grant saying that Cruz feels he's mentally tougher now, and Ron Washington saying that Cruz will play everyday the rest of the way.

I don't know what to think about the Nelson Cruz situation.  I guess the ideal situation is that he hits well enough that you say, okay, he's our starting right fielder next season.  But even if he does, I don't know that you really are going to feel that confident about what you're going to get from him next year.  It puts you in a situation where at least one of the Byrd/Murphy/Boggs group -- probably Byrd -- is likely going to have to go.  And it means that either you don't bring Milton Bradley back next season, or you bring Bradley back as the DH and try to move Max Ramirez and John Mayberry Jr. this offseason.

The alternative, I guess, is to hope that Cruz does well enough that you can move him this offseason.

Hopefully, if they move one of those guys, they'll get more than Eddie Guardado fetched.

Here's the relevant question on Guardado...was there a significantly better deal available for Guardado at the deadline?  And if there was, who and why did they pass on that?  And if Guardado was important enough to keep on July 31, because the Rangers wanted to finish strong and keep the bullpen solidified, what changed between now and then?

The one possibility that occurs to me is that Guardado may have asked to be dealt to a contender.  That would explain a lot, I think. 

Jeff Wilson says that the Twins claimed Guardado on waivers, and that the Rangers had interest in Guardado at the deadline, but didn't deal him because they felt they were still in the playoff race.  If true, that's very disappointing, and does not speak well of how realistic the organization was being at the deadline.  More material, though, is what it was they passed up at the deadline to keep Guardado.