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Former Ranger DFA'd for former Ranger

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As everyone knows by now, Eddie Guardado is now a Twin.

However, what you may not know is that former Ranger Mike Lamb was designated for assignment to make room for Guardado.

A weird comment from manager Ron Gardenhire:

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said that in the end, the two sides just weren't quite the match that he had hoped.

"The energy level wasn't what we expected," Gardenhire said of Lamb. "He's a veteran, a laid-back guy and we play at a different level. We like to run and do all those kinds of things. ... We were just looking for a little different thing. That's probably why it didn't work out here."

As for the notion that it was his laid-back attitude that prevented him from sticking with the Twins, Lamb said he was never aware it was an issue.

"I mean, if it was a problem, I wish someone would have told me," Lamb said. "I would have thrown stuff if I needed to."

Mike Lamb is a veteran.  He's been around for almost a decade now.  I have to figure someone within the Twins' organization could have gotten a handle on what sort of energy level Lamb is...and realistically, if you are looking for a third baseman who can run, Lamb is probably the last guy you'd want.

Assuming no one claims Lamb on waivers, the Twins will be on the hook for $3.8 million for the rest of this year and what they owe him for next year.