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Sunday morning things

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The Rangers supposedly didn't want to trade Jamey Wright at the deadline.  One has to wonder, though, how much demand there really would have been out there for him.

Wright now has a 9.00 ERA in 15 innings since July 1.  He has 10 Ks, 7 walks, and 3 homers allowed during that span.  I'm not sure if he's showing the effects of overuse, or if he just isn't any better as a reliever than as a starter, but either way, he's become part of the problem in the bullpen, rather than part of the solution.

Wright says fatigue isn't an issue, he just isn't getting the job done.  Mike Heika's game story talks some about the questionable calls that went against the Rangers, and you have to wonder how different the 9th would have been if the strike zone hadn't mysteriously expanded for the last few hitters.

Josh Hamilton calls getting knocked out of the game by energy drinks a learning experience.

Richard Durrett and Evan Grant have a lengthy piece up, looking at some of the A ball arms that have been brought into the organization in the last couple of years, that the Rangers are hoping help them build a strong homegrown pitching staff.

Randy Galloway returned from his vacation to say that Nolan Ryan blew it for allowing Mark Connor and Dom Chiti to be fired, rather than firing Jon Daniels, and to complain that the organization didn't add any pieces for the wild card race at the deadline.