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AJM's theory of the day

Chris Davis is considered an elite hitting prospect, and has hit well in the majors.  He's been in the majors a couple of months now.  He's hitting 8th or 9th in the order, generally, supposedly because he's less experienced and needs to be down there.

Joaquin Arias is considered an elite fielding prospect whose bat is a serious question mark.  He's had an OPS higher than 750 in a season once in his pro career -- in 2005, at Frisco, when he had a 758 OPS.  He's been in the majors a week or two, and is hitting leadoff.

I've been trying to figure out the discrepancy, and I think I've figured it out...Ron Washington doesn't know how old Arias really is.  But he looks at him and figures he's got to be at least 30, and thus, is experienced and can handle the pressure of hitting leadoff.

After all, would you expect this guy:



To be just 23 years old?