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Vandalizing Wikipedia pages

Last night, for whatever reason, some folks here decided it would be a good idea to go vandalize the Wikipedia pages of one of the umpires and some Angels players.

Obviously, I can't stop anyone from doing that, if they want, although I do think vandalizing Wikipedia pages as a way of throwing a cyber-tantrum is one of the dumbest and most juvenile things someone can do.

That said, what I can do is say that I don't want LSB used as a platform to organize or encourage vandalizing of Wikipedia pages, much like I don't want LSB to be used as a platform to, say, troll-bomb some other blog or message board.  I think it reflects poorly on this blog.

So I've deleted the FanPost of screencaps of vandalized pages, and will delete any future FanPosts or comments of that sort of thing.