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Monday a.m. stuff

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A day of redemption for AJM.  Gerald Laird hits 2 home runs, and Luis Mendoza bounces back from a rough 1st innings (albeit one where he wasn't hit real hard) to go 7 strong innings.

Both of Laird's homers went to right field, and Laird and Ron Washington both say that's something Rudy Jaramillo has been working on with Laird for some time.

Eddie Guardado pitched the 9th, and was warming up even when it was a 1 run game in the 8th, but Washington says that C.J. Wilson is still the closer, that he just had "a feeling" about Guardado last night.

Not sure what that means...they may be giving Wilson a few days off from the closer role, after his meltdowns last week, or there could be other things afoot. 

Milton Bradley is still hurting, although Washington says he doesn't think Bradley will end up on the d.l. 

Mike Heika says Brandon McCarthy still has some work to do before he's major league ready.  I wonder if, at this point, it doesn't make more sense to go ahead and activate him and option him, and let him stay in the minors the rest of the way.  That may get you to where you have just under 3 years of service time with him, which would make him f.a. eligible after 2012, instead of 2011.