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Happy Birthday, Johnny Grubb

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Happy birthday to former Ranger Johnny Grubb, who turns 60 today (man, do I feel old hearing that).

Grubb was a lefty hitting outfielder acquired by the Rangers from the Indians for a couple of PTBNLs at the August trade deadline in 1978, when the Rangers were five games out and wanted a veteran bench bat to help for a playoff push.

Grubb ended up playing 4 1/2 seasons with the Rangers in a part time role.  He was sort of a Frank Catalanotto type...couldn't hit lefties, limited defensively and didn't have a bunch of power, but hit for some average and drew enough walks to have offensive value. 

Grubb ended up being traded after the 1982 season for Dave Tobik, and I remember my grandmother (who was a big sports fan, and still gripes about the Rangers trading Jim Sundberg for Ned Yost) complaining that Ranger manager Doug Rader wanted Grubb traded because Rader didn't want Christians on the team.  I have no idea if that is true or not, but it is the thing I most remember about Grubb's time with the Rangers.