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Cryptic C.J. Wilson comments

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Richard Durrett has a blog post on C.J. Wilson:

Manager Ron Washington said C.J. Wilson remains the closer. But he added that doesn't mean he won't use someone else to close at times. Obviously, there's some concern about Wilson's performance of late.

Wilson hinted that he wasn't 100 percent, but wouldn't talk about exactly what that was. (Asked if he was healthy, Wilson replied "next question" and added, "I don't like to talk about my health issues in the media, which is why I haven't talked about them all year.") Washington thought Wilson was fatigued and that may be the cause of his arm slot not being quite right on his breaking ball.

Washington said new pitching coach Andy Hawkins was going to work with Wilson to see if he can get his delivery more consistent.

So, yeah...if Wilson is having injury problems, that would help explain some of his problems this year, and could be contributing to delivery consistency issues.

But it also leads back to the question of...why are so many Ranger major league pitchers getting hurt?