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Jimmy Johnson stories

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Here's an old SI article about Jimmy Johnson, heading into his 4th season as the Cowboys coach, that I always enjoyed.

There's a lot of good stuff in there, but this is my favorite part:

From Tex Ritter to the Big Bopper, from Bum Phillips to Tim McKyer, a wonderful menagerie of free spirits who dreamed bigger dreams than Port Arthur , even in its heyday, could handle are celebrated there. Two of the more prominent exhibits are busts of Janis Joplin and Jimmy Johnson , former schoolmates at Thomas Jefferson High, class of 1960 and '61, respectively. A smart girl and a smart boy, equally driven but in different directions—each was somewhat disgusted by the other's burgeoning talents and antithetical personality. Janis, a painter of some merit and a folk singer in those days, had the look of a beatnik and was called Beat Weeds.

* * *

Port Arthur is still there. "You oughta see my bust in the library," says Jimmy. He sips on his beer and then holds his head up in a mock pose. "I got a bust, right there with Janis Joplin ."

"They've got a display case," Rhonda cracks, "with Beat Weeds' panties in it."

"Beat Weeds' panties," Jimmy scoffs. "She never wore any panties." And to raised eyebrows all around, he adds, "From what I understand."

I wish I knew someone I could nickname "Beat Weeds."  That's a great nickname.

In fact, we need to find someone out there we could nickname "Beat Weeds."