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Wednesday morning things

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6 games over .500, but still 5 back of the Wild Card race. 

Once again, the Rangers win, but have a sort of cloud hanging over the win.  This time, the cloud is C.J. Wilson, who is headed to the disabled list with bone spurs, and who seems to have upset some folks with how he handled last night's meltdown:

Wilson was placed on the disabled list with bone spurs in his elbow.

The decision was made after a 30-minute meeting that manager Ron Washington acknowledged was unpleasant. It happened after Wilson, who entered the game with a six-run lead, allowed a pair of walks, a hit batter and a grand slam to Richie Sexson. During his time on the mound, Wilson was vigorously chastised on one occasion by catcher Gerald Laird.

Things really got explosive, however, when Washington came out to get him and Wilson casually flipped the ball in the air and started walking off the mound. Washington caught it, yanked Wilson back up on the mound, handed him the ball again and told him to hand it to him.

"I didn't like it one bit," said outfielder Marlon Byrd, who followed up his game-winning grand slam, with three hits and a two-out, rally-starting walk in the seventh. "Everybody hits rough patches, but when the manager comes out to get you, you hand him the ball and show him the respect he deserves. I don't know how it looks to fans, but I know how it looks to 24 other guys. It doesn't look good."

Said general manager Jon Daniels: "Guys are going to struggle. That is part of the game. That's not the issue. There is a way to act and carry yourself. The way he left was unacceptable and disrespectful. He's somebody we need and somebody we have to get right. The physical issue becomes the No. 1 priority for right now, but that doesn't excuse what happened on the mound."

Joaquin Benoit is being activated to replace Wilson.

Not that anyone noticed, with all the drama surrounding the bullpen, but Matt Harrison had a real nice game yesterday.  After a few rough outings, he really needed a strong start, and he provided one.

The Rangers won't need a fifth starter again until August 15, and it appears to be up in the air who the fifth starter will be then.  Tommy Hunter is going to start today, and then could go out to the bullpen until the 15th.  Eric Hurley and Brandon McCarthy are both expected to still be on the shelf until then, and McCarthy will do a side session rather than a rehab start his next time out to work on some mechanical issues.  It sounds like McCarthy is going to be optioned rather than put on the major league roster when his rehab time is up.