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A few things

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A few other things I wanted to mention this morning...

Mike Hindman talks about an experience he had with C.J. Wilson a few years ago, with Wilson working with Ryan Dittfurth, as sort of a counter-point to the stories that have been out there the last couple of days...

Evan Grant agrees with many of us on the Jim Knox in-the-stand bits on FSSW.

There's a poll attached for you to vote on the Knox segments.

Jeff Wilson says John Mayberry, Jr., should be the guy to get the call to replace David Murphy on the active roster. I think he's right on that. Wilson also is critical of the decision to send Murphy, on the play where Murphy was thrown out, saying that Murphy "was never going to score on the play." I'm not so sure about that...if he'd slid around Pudge, rather than trying to go through him, I think he had a chance to be safe.

And have you noticed the almost complete absence of stories about Justin Smoak? Go to Google News and search for "Justin Smoak" get nothing. I think that's a good sign. I think that's an indication that a deal is just about done, but won't be announced until around August 15.