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More Rangers pitching talk

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From a notes column from Jim Molony, who is one of the writers:

Scouts say the problem with the Texas pitching staff stems from the fact that they are rushed to the big leagues, even though they don't have command of their breaking balls, or have below-average off-speed stuff. The result is the Rangers end up with pitchers with high walk totals, low strikeouts and high pitch counts.

Opposing hitters sit on the fastball and either foul them off or put them in play against a weak defense. As a result, their starting pitchers barely have enough gas to get through six and their bullpen is worn out.

Rangers pitchers average 155 pitches per game, the highest in the American League. The only Texas pitchers with an above-average breaking ball is Eddie Guardado, their 37-year-old reliever, and reliever Joaquin Benoit.

* * *

Nolan Ryan is starting to assert himself more as club president of the Rangers. Ryan was a driving force behind the removal of pitching coach Mark Connor and bullpen coach Dom Chiti. Manager Ron Washington was resistant to the change, but it was forced upon him by Ryan and general manager Jon Daniels.

Ryan believes the Rangers have the offense to contend for a Wild Card playoff race, but felt something needed to be done to fix the pitching staff. The changes haven't gone over well in the clubhouse, where Connor was highly respected and Chiti was regarded as a wise counselor for the Rangers relievers.

If you recall, Chris Shelton was called up, and Jason Botts needed to be released, because "something needed to be done."  We now have this apparent sense of urgency from up on high, with Connor and Chiti being axed because "something needed to be done to fix the pitching staff," even though this team is not a legit wild card contender.

These sorts of things make me believe there's a decent chance that Daniels is gone at the end of the season, at Ryan's behest, with the explanation being that "something needed to be done" about the fact that the pitching isn't good.