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Happy birthday, Kerry Lacy

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Happy birthday to Kerry Lacy, who turns 36 today.

Lacy was a righthanded pitcher drafted by the Rangers in the 15th round of the 1991 draft.  Heading into the 1996 season, he had put up some okay ERAs in the minors despite poor K/BB ratios, and ended up getting converted to relief, where he was impressive enough to be included (along with righty reliever Mark Brandenburg) in a deadline deal with the BoSox for Mike Stanton.

Ah, 1996...when the Rangers were buyers and Boston, in 4th place and 16 games back, were sellers.

Stanton was a solid setup guy for the Rangers' first playoff team, while Brandenburg and Lacy ended up flaming out for Boston, so this appears to be one of those rare instances when the Rangers being buyers at the deadline worked out very well.