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Friday a.m. stuff

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Disappointing couple of games, after the Rangers won two straight against the Yankees.  12 games out of the A.L. West, 6.5 games behind the BoSox, several games behind New York and Minnesota...

Richard Durrett says the Rangers are still in the race, despite not making up any ground during the longest homestand of the season.  The Rangers are saying, anyway, that they still believe they can get into the playoffs.

Jason Ellison was called up to replace David Murphy, who was put on the d.l.  Ron Washington says Ellison was the choice because of his "experience," whatever that means.  My guess is that Ellison was the choice because the Rangers are going to primarily go with a Boggs/Hamilton/Byrd outfield, with Bradley DHing when he's healthy, and thus whomever got called up wasn't going to get a ton of time anyway, making it pointless to call up someone like Julio Borbon or John Mayberry Jr.

A.J. Murray was moved to the 60 day d.l., bringing the roster to 39 players.  Brandon McCarthy is going to have to be activated at the beginning of next week, though, and probably will be optioned to AAA, which will fill the final 40 man slot.

McCarthy says that, after a session with Andy Hawkins, Jim Colburn, and Nolan Ryan, he feels he has some mechanical issues worked out and is feeling better than he has in two years.  We shall see.