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Saturday morning things

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I hate games in Baltimore.  There is no team less interesting than the Orioles, and the games start at 6 p.m., which is too early.  Games that result in a 9-1 loss in Baltimore are about the worst of all.

Luis Mendoza struggled again with his command.  Same story with him all year...when he can command his offspeed stuff, he has success.  When he can't, he gets hammered.  Jeff Wilson says injuries are contributing significantly to the Rangers' offensive problems.

In injured pitcher news, C.J. Wilson is weighing whether to have surgery now, or try to pitch with the bone spurs until after the season.  Brandon McCarthy has been activated from the 60 day d.l. and optioned to Oklahoma, which puts the 40 man roster at 40.  And Kevin Millwood is making a rehab start tonight for Frisco.