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Roundtable on the 2009 CIF slots

Over at the DMN blog, Mike Hindman solicits the opinions of various folks (including me) as to what the best solution for the Rangers at the CIF slots for next season are.

Almost everyone goes with Chris Davis at first base next season, but there are a variety of opinions as to third base...I'm the only one who suggests moving Michael Young over to third base in 2009, but several people suggest looking for a short-term solution with an eye at moving Young to third base in 2010...

Mike is in favor of keeping Davis at third base and planning on Justin Smoak taking over at first base by 2010, which is also when Elvis Andrus is scheduled to be ready...but the one issue I would have with that (other than questioning whether Davis will be a viable third baseman long-term, particularly as he gets older and bigger) is you don't really have anywhere to put Michael Young in that scenario, unless you just bite the bullet and make him a very weak-hitting DH.