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Friday morning things

Nice win last night and, though his control wavered, another reasonable start by Dustin Nippert.

Evan Grant discusses a stretch of almost a week straight against left handed starters. This is another reason that Nelson Cruz could be an asset if he can turn the corner. Marlon Byrd and Brandon Boggs can both play against lefties, but Cruz would have the most offensive upside of the three if he's made the necessary adjustments. Considering that catcher, short and second base all will field right handed bats, this perceived team weakness could go away if someone like Cruz can help anchor the lineup against lefties. All the more reason that I wish his audition this summer had been much longer...

This weekend will be an exciting one for Rangers affiliates in Oklahoma and Frisco, as they try to become the second and third teams in the system to win championships this year.

And, yes, the Rangers do think that finishing in second place is a worthwhile pursuit.