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Monday a.m. stuff

A split in Oakland is a little disappointing, particularly after winning the first two games, but it means the Rangers at least maintained their hold on 2nd place.

I know there are folks here who are probably disappointed the A's didn't sweep Texas this weekend, because they want the Rangers to lose as much as possible down the stretch to improve their draft position in June, but I don't agree with that mindset, and would prefer to see the Rangers win, and finish ahead of their divisional rivals.

Jeff Wilson says it was the walks that killed the Rangers yesterday, with the pitchers issuing 10 of them over the course of the game.

Evan Grant thinks Nelson Cruz may be a fit for the cleanup slot, particularly with Milton Bradley missing as much time as he is, but Ron Washington doesn't want him there, saying he doesn't want Cruz to deal with the breaking and off-speed pitches a cleanup hitter has to face. 

The pitch f/x data is out there, and hopefully someone with a lot of time on their hands will look at whether a batter is really going to see that much more off-speed stuff in the 4th slot than elsewhere, but personally, my gut feeling is that if pitchers think you can't hit off-speed stuff, they'll throw it to you, regardless of where you are in the lineup.

With Oklahoma's season now over, four Rangers are being added to the active roster -- Wes Littleton, Brian Gordon, Max Ramirez, and Travis Metcalf.  Gordon is the surprise...he's a 30 year old journeyman who has had a nice season with the Rangers, and he may be getting the promotion as a reward for being a good organizational soldier this year.  I can't imagine he'll stick on the 40 man roster this winter.

Mike Hindman has another roundtable discussion on Milton Bradley, and whether he should stay or go, up at the DMN blog...a variety of opinions, including mine, set forth there.

Jeff Wilson has a piece up on German Duran's return to the Rangers, and his desire to win a job on the Opening Day roster next year.