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New T.R. Sullivan mailbag

T.R. Sullivan has a new mailbag column up, with various interesting tidbits -- including his statement that Nelson Cruz "is definitely in the Rangers' 2009 outfield picture," but the lead item is probably the thing that jumped out the most at me:

In my opinion, the two players who have not received nearly enough credit for what they've done this year are Young and Jamey Wright. Both post up every day without even a hint that there might be something physically wrong with them, but there's no doubt both have been pushed to their physical limits.

Young?  Maybe.  But Jamey Wright has been terrible since the beginning of June, and yet still gets put into the game in critical situations.  If he's at his physical limits, then it may be that the Rangers should have put Kam Loe or Wes Littleton -- two guys that seem to have fallen way out of favor with Ron Washington -- in the bullpen at some point this summer, as I'm pretty sure they could have done better than Wright has the past three months.