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Wednesday a.m. stuff

10 games left in the season.  The Rangers are 2 under .500, 4 up on Oakland. 

You have to give the team credit, though...they don't quit.  Down 2 in the bottom of the 9th in a meaningless game, Marlon Byrd comes through with a game-tying triple, and appears likely to exceed last season's OBP and slugging percentage, even though 2007 appeared to be a career year.  And Chris Davis got the game winning hit.  Even in the last couple of weeks of a rebuilding year, you have to feel good about a win like that.

Byrd and Michael Young both had MRIs yesterday, and are both playing hurt.  Brandon McCarthy is scheduled to have an MRI today, and says he thinks the problem with his finger isn't major, and that he hopes to get back out on the mound this season.

Young's MRI showed that he won't require surgery, while Scott Feldman is going to take McCarthy's start this weekend.

Ron Washington did a chat session at the S-T yesterday, which you can read here.