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Do you folks remember how Ed Coffin used to be about Rod Barajas, a couple of years ago?

That's where I am with Jamey Wright right now.

I don't want to see him in a game unless it is mop-up duty with a big deficit.

And I've defended some of Wash's bullpen usage in the past, and I've felt part of his problem is that his hands have been tied with limited options.

But when you are in September with expanded rosters, and you've got a fully rested pen, and you bring Jamey Wright into a game with a 2 run lead, watch him suck for an inning and yet somehow, miraculously, escape while only allowing one run, and then send that same guy back out there so he can let 4 straight baserunners get on while blowing the lead...

That's inexcusable.

This team has pitching problems.  That makes this more difficult.  But it also seems to me that a team with pitching problems, that is in a hitter's park, needs to put a premium on the ability to handle a pitching staff and a bullpen, and needs to have a manager for whom that is a strength.

I see no reason to believe that that's the current situation here.