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Saturday a.m. things

Geez, that was a frustrating game last night.  Matt Harrison and Jamey Wright throwing batting practice.  Gerald Laird diving into first base head-first in the 9th, on a play where he might have been safe if he'd run through the bag.  Scoring 13 runs and losing.


Evan Grant says yesterday's game epitomized the problems with this team, and the Rangers have been focusing on those issues with the exit interviews Jon Daniels and Ron Washington have been conducting with the pitchers.  Grant says Kevin Millwood's interview included Nolan Ryan, who personally challenged Millwood to arrive to camp in better shape next year.

Grant also says that Matt Harrison's velocity was way down yesterday, topping out at 87 mph.  That's worrisome.

Drew Davison writes that Milton Bradley wants a long-term deal, is disappointed that the Rangers haven't talked to him more than they have about extending him, says that it is a 50/50 shot if he comes back, and says that he'll retire before accepting another one year deal.

Bradley also says winning the batting title means nothing, although I have to wonder if Bradley would have played the past couple of days if he had enough PAs to qualify already, given how terrible he's looked out there.

Since June 1, Jamey Wright has a 6.89 ERA.