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Monday morning

Not much out there other than game recaps after a pretty ugly and uneventful sweep by the Angels.

Ron Washington did do his best Steve Martin imitation in response to a Star Telegram question on how he saw the season:

"In the beginning it was long. Then in the middle, it sped up. There was a period where it started crawling and then now at the end, it’s speeding back up."

With the Rangers now on a four game losing streak and the A's sweeping the pitiful Mariners, the two clubs are now in a virtual tie for second place (Texas has one more win). The teams will then repeat their matchups from this weekend, so if Texas wants to finish ahead of Oakland, they likely will need to win this series.

For those more interested in where that first round pick will fall, Texas has virtually clinched the bottom 15, which will ensure that they keep their top pick regardless of free agent activity. They are currently at 13 and aren't likely to fall below that. Detroit and Cincinnati are in range, so the Rangers could pick as high as ten with a very poor week.