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Thursday a.m. stuff

Nice win yesterday...the Rangers are now at 77-82, and if they can somehow sweep the season-ending series against Anaheim, they will end up exactly where I predicted they'd be before the season, 80-82 and in 2nd place. 

I'm not counting on a sweep, though...

Evan Grant has some follow up comments from Nolan Ryan, with Ryan saying he expects Ron Washington and Jon Daniels to be back, but not coming out and saying that they will be back.  He also says that payroll isn't going up significantly and that the Rangers aren't going to be big players in free agency.  Jeff Wilson says the decision to keep the current management team intact reflects a belief that the current plan is a good one.

Randy Galloway throws a semi-coherent tantrum over Ryan not cleaning house, and suggests that either Tom Hicks intervened or else Ryan has somehow been brainwashed.