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The disappearance of Mad Max

The Rangers called up Max Ramirez on September 15.  He started that day, going 0 for 1 with two walks and a HBP, and was lifted for a pinch runner in the 8th.

That's the last start he's made.  He came in late in yesterday's game and on September 17, to fill in during garbage time, and that's been it as far as playing time goes since rosters expanded.

Which continues a trend dating back to when he was here earlier in the season.  Ramirez started on July 13, and went 3 for 5.  That was the last time he hasn't had a hit...but then, he's only had 6 official ABs since then.  He wasn't sent back to AAA until July 28, but in that two week stretch between start and being sent down, he started just one game, and came into another as a pinch hitter for Frank Catalanotto.

So, in a span of roughly a month on the major league roster, he has a pinch hitting appearance, a couple of late-inning garbage-time stints behind the plate, and 2 starts.

This, to me, suggests that those of us hoping that Max can be a DH/backup C next season are probably out of luck.  If Ron Washington really viewed Max as a legit option to be a contributor next season, Max would probably have gotten a little more time, at least a few more starts at DH. 

My guess at this point is that the DH next year will be a vet, either Milton Bradley, Hank Blalock, or Frank Catalanotto.  If Milton comes back, Blalock could be dealt or see his option declined, with Travis Metcalf playing third base and Chris Davis playing first base, or Blalock could come back at first with Davis struggling at third for another year.

If Milton doesn't come back, you probably are looking at a semi-platoon with Cat DHing against righties and Travis Metcalf playing third base against lefties, with Davis playing third base against righties and some 1B or DH against lefties.

But either way, my guess is that Max isn't in that particular picture right now.