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Coaching staff overhaul apparently coming

T.R. Sullivan has a piece up on the situation regarding the coaching staff, and it appears that there is a significant shakeup coming.

Rudy Jaramillo (who is already under contract for next season) and Gary Pettis are expected back, but it sounds like everyone else may be on the way out.

Jim Colburn is going to go back heading up Asian Rim scouting, which will open up a spot for a bullpen coach.

Sullivan says Ron Washington and Jon Daniels like Andy Hawkins, but there is some sentiment within the organization (read that as you wish) to bring in a more experienced pitching coach, and let Hawkins go back to working with the minor leaguers.

Matt Walbeck was brought in with a very good reputation, but it is no secret that he was a Jon Daniels hire rather than a Washington hire (Washington preferring someone from his Oakland days), and Sullivan says that the two never "gelled," with the result being that Walbeck is apparently gone.

Art Howe is the most interesting situation, it appears...Howe was, of course, the guy that Washington insisted on as his bench coach, and is almost universally regarded as a great guy and a first class individual.  But Evan Grant mentioned earlier this week that Howe may bear some blame for a lack of in-game preparedness on the bench in certain situations, and Howe's role as infield instructor could, according to Sullivan, be usurped by former Ranger coach Perry Hill, who has supporters in the front office.

Washington and Daniels will meet tomorrow, and I suspect we'll get word on who is staying and who is going sometime then.