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Tuesday Book Review -- Best D/FW Sports Arguments

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Another book that was sent my way a while back, and that I've checked out, is Jaime Aron's "The Best Dallas/Fort Worth Sports Arguments," part of a series of books that addresses various arguments that fans of the teams in a certain city or metropolitan area can have.

It basically poses about 100 questions dealing with topics such as "Who was the better QB -- Roger Staubach or Troy Aikman," "Was Hull's goal really good?" and "Who is the best local owner -- Tom Hicks, Mark Cuban, or Jerry Jones," although with some more esoteric questions like "Who is the best center in Mavs team history?" (although the focus is more on other guys in discussing that question, since Aron finds the obvious answer to be James Donaldson).

It is light reading and designed to be a conversation starter more than a serious, sabermetric-type work, but it is a fun little item, and something that is a decent gift for the sports fan who is hard to buy for.