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Thursday a.m. things

So I'm sitting here, trying to decide if the 7 innings of shutout ball Dustin Nippert threw yesterday against the hapless M's should make me feel better about Nippert, or worse about what Brandon McCarthy did against the Mariners the day before.

Evan Grant has a lot of praise for Taylor Teagarden's handling of the pitchers yesterday, with Ron Washington giving him credit for calling a great game and making adjustments.  Washington, of course, puts a huge emphasis on a catcher's defense and ability to run a game, and Teagarden, with back-to-back 1-0 shutout victories to his credit behind the plate, is certainly making an impression in that regard.

Jason Jennings is going to start throwing on September 19, and says he'd like to come back to Texas next year.  I wouldn't be surprised if the Rangers signed him on a minor league deal.