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Saturday a.m. things

I think the best thing about the end of the season coming soon is that I won't have to watch the Rangers play the Red Sox any more.  That's not been pleasant in 2008.

Evan Grant notes that the Rangers are now 0-8 against Boston this season, and thinks most of the 30K+ fans at the game last night went home happy, since most of the fans appeared to be cheering for the BoSox.

Grant also says that Ron Washington is going to audition Warner Madrigal for the 8th inning role the rest of the way, and that Vicente Padilla is coming off the d.l. on Tuesday.

Dustin Nippert is going to be in the rotation for the rest of the way, getting four starts, with Scott Feldman getting just one, as the Rangers look to keep Feldman's workload manageable.  A strong finish by Nippert could create some tough decisions for the Rangers next year, as Nippert is out of options, and may, with a strong finish, put himself on the inside track for the 5th starter job for 2009.